Daily Archives: July 22, 2008

J is here

JH, one of my dearest friends, is here for a short road trip. We walked over this morning to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Two hours later, we came home. The garden has changed in the past two weeks since I was last there. All of the lotus flowers have withered, and the gladiolas are at their end. But the Chinese garden is a delight, and the koi are still huge.

We’re doing the Scott Joplin house today, and the Basilica, and the art musuem in Forest Park, all before heading to campus to prepare for the summer sing.

More, and pictures, later.

Blessing a house

The Rev. Vic Barnhart blessed my house tonight. J was here from Muncie, and Dolph Durlas joined in the festivities.

Vic read the blessing from a Roman Catholic book of blessings. We burned incense and sprinkled rooms with water – both ancient symbols of purifying and cleansing.

I’d made some hummus from scratch today, so we noshed on hummus and washed it down with some bubbly. Some time after 8 p.m., we four headed to Pho Grand for Vietnamese food, then went next door for gelato.

Dolph asked me a few minutes ago if the house felt different now. I can truthfully say that the house feels complete, and safe. I can’t define it, but it’s true.

Here are pictures from this evening: