Daily Archives: July 20, 2008

Brian Davis

Brian Davis first popped into my life in the late 1980’s.  I was teaching voice lessons and doing community theatre in Blue Springs, Missouri.  Brian’s birth father had recently died.  He was a high school senior. 

I really don’t recall the specific sequence of events, but he ended up renting my spare room at a time when I was strapped for cash.  Brian played a role in the community theatre production of Brigadoon.  He sang beautifully.  Over the next few years, Brian was in and out of my house.  We grew to be friends, just eight years apart in age.  At a time of upheaval in his life, I was a slightly older, perhaps wise counsel. 

Times change.  People grow apart.  We’d not seen each other, nor spoken to each other in over 15 years when he found me by email earlier this year.  Yesterday afternoon, fifteen years later, we reunited at Brian’s house in Columbia.  His wife, Robin, and daughter, Georgia, were there too.  We visited and caught up, like old friends do, for an hour or more. 

I’ll look forward to the next visit!

Here’s Brian and me yesterday:

And here’s Brian with his daughter:

In Lee’s Summit

I’m in my hometown of Lee’s Summit, Missouri right now.  I watched the niece and nephew at a karate tournament yesterday.  It was mild, with only 13 and unders participating.  Both kids received trophies for legitimate reasons. 

We had grilled burgers and all the usual extras last night for a late birthday meal for me.  I’m certain I’m coming home five pounds heavier.

My big excitement today is seeing my old, dear friend Brian Davis, who now lives in Columbia.  I’m meeting his wife and daughter on my way across the state this afternoon, and then going to dinner with Brian.  We’ve not seen each other in at least 15 years, and probably longer.

I also have a board meeting for the Simon Carrington Chamber Choir today after services at Cathedral. 

The whirlwind eleven-days-in-the-Midwest-with-a-sidebar-to-Miami is almost over.