Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

From Miami 3

I’m at the airport right now, waiting for my delayed flight to STL.

Two interest sessions this morning were both informative and enlightening.  I know more about governance of non-profits now, and I’m grateful for the chance to hear from other artistic directors, executive directors, and board members, as well as a wonderful presenter and facilitator.

Four of us lunched at Bayside, this time at a Cuban restaurant.  We’ve had rainstorms today, so the humidity is higher and the spirits aren’t quite as bright.

The New Mexico men’s group today was a hit, with this country’s only all-gay mariachi band joining them for two numbers.

Events like this make me even more proud of my community.  We have a message to share, a story to tell.  This country is increasingly ready to recognize that story.  Events like the GALA festival give us strength, stamina, and courage to tell it.

Now to find some supper before my 2.5-hour flight west.