Daily Archives: July 14, 2008

From Miami 2

I think I wrote some months ago about Shawn Northcutt. He was a student at Southwest Baptist University at the time that I was Director of Admissions.

I saw Shawn here today at GALA in Miami. Shawn’s partner is Tim Seelig, the retired artistic director of the Turtle Creek group from Dallas. Shawn is now a photographer and cinematographer. He’s made a name for himself, and has a new project premiering here in Miami.

I’d seen Shawn’s headshot, so I knew that when this guy who looked just like him walked by with a photographer’s bag of equipment, it had to be him. We had a brief catch-up, 20 years on, before a concert session started. Again and again and again: what a small world this truly is.

I’ve heard a number of groups today. The standouts? Una Voce: The Florida Men’s Chorus; Kansas City’s Heartland Men’s Chorus (a group in which I once sang); the Orlando Gay Chorus. And, of course, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and their million-laugh, highly produced performance of H.M.S. Metaphor, a take-off from Gilbert and Sullivan.

I dined quickly at lunch today with several guys from the Gateway Men’s Chorus. Dinner tonight was at a steakhouse at the Bayside area off of Biscayne Ave., featuring a fine steak and then some maracuya gelato.

This is a quick trip. I’m off tomorrow evening for St. Louis, but not before hearing three more choruses Tuesday afternoon, and also doing a newspaper interview for a St. Louis paper.

Picture tomorrow night or Wednesday, when time allows!

Three scoops

I stopped for a quick meal at the turnpike McDonald’s in northeastern Oklahoma on Saturday night.  I was peacefully eating my #2 whilst watching traffic and people.

And then I saw them.  An older couple, both rather rotund (notice the understatement), eating three scoops of ice cream each out of chocolate-covered waffle cones.

Sometimes I just don’t get it.

From Miami 1

I’m in Miami, Florida right now. The event is the quadrennial festival of the Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA) choruses.

The Gateway Men’s Chorus board happily made arrangements for me to be present for a portion of this conference.  It’s set up very much like an ACDA conference, with two concert sessions a day, workshops, special events, and enough time for some good meals.

Last night, after I arrived, I was able to hear several groups, including a mixed group from Atlanta, OurSong; the Philadelphia chorus; and one of the most revered groups in the country, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.  Wow.  And more wow.

Seven of us from St. Louis walked down to the Bayside dining and shopping area around 11 p.m. I’d not eaten dinner yet, so I had some pasta and a Dominican beer.  We chattered away until time to close up shop.  I was in bed by 1 p.m. and asleep not long after.

Today should be fun, even though the skies are overcast right now.

Howells coincidences

I’m sitting at lunch on Friday at the American Choral Directors Association leadership summit, happily visiting with a colleague across the table, one who’s also just taken the administrative plunge.

The lady next to me, one who had been visiting with a different group of people, asked me if I was the Jeffrey Carter who wrote his dissertation on Herbert Howells. I told her I was. She said “I’m reading your dissertation right now.”

As it turns out, Alica Walker is writing her dissertation at UGA on an obscure choral/orchestral scene by Howells, Sir Patrick Spens.  (The work is early, but great fun!)  She’s picked up several dissertations on HH, and happened to be immersed in mine.

How lovely to know that my dissertation actually is read!

And what a small world this truly is!!