Daily Archives: July 12, 2008

Library card

Voter registration.  Check.

Driver’s license.  Check

Find a grocery store I like.  Check

Become a library patron.  Check.  I procured a library card today, just minutes before a massive rainstorm hit.  The library is five or six blocks from my house.  It’s walkable, which makes me happy!  And I can request books from other branches from my computer at home, then pick them up at my Kingshighway branch when they’re in.  I’m doubly happy!

Today?  A ten-disc set of Jack Benny radio programs, great for for listening as I drive in the car to Jeff City and Lee’ Summit and back this week.  I also picked up a DVD, which I doubt I’ll have time to watch this week.

OKC water taxi

I’m not certain exactly why Oklahoma City installed a canal with no destination, except that the canal is in itself a destination.  We loaded up three water taxis on Thursday night and had an hour-long cruise on the one-mile canal.

Murrah memorial

Here are pictures from the Murrah national memorial in Oklahoma City, where the national leadership workshop attendees visited on Thursday evening, July 10.  We were greeted by one of the three architects of the memorial, who spoke ot us for about 30 minutes (see July 12 entry).