Daily Archives: July 9, 2008

B.J.’s holiday pictures

B.J. Smith has posted pictures of this past holiday weekend here.

Since I wrote about Jeffery Thyer the other day, B.J. also deserves a fair share!

William Henry Smith III, otherwise known to most as B.J., and to some of his work colleagues as Will, came into my life in 1997 at the University of Kansas.  I think he and I tell the story of our meeting slightly differently, but the bottom line is this: B.J. was a music education major and was singing in choir.  Through a series of events, he ended up in my choir, from which he also joined the newly-reconstituted Men’s Glee Club.

Along the way, Beej became one of the regular Tuesday night crowd at Sports Page brewpub in Lawrence, where many of us would repair for beers after rehearsal.  We got along well, and he became and still is one of  my closest and dearest friends.

At some point after I left KU, B.J. realized that music was not the right career for him.   He now has degrees in computers and business, including an M.B.A. degree.  He’s done well for himself: he owns two cars, two cats, a house.  And he’s just been moved by ADT to their Denver office.

B.J. is a fan of travel, as am I.  He traveled with me in 1999 and 2000 to London.  (That’s B.J., second from the left in the photo.)  We went to Washington, D.C. in October for a four-day vacation weekend. You’ll find details of that trip in the blog archive for October 2007.  He’s a great travel companion.

And he’s a great, hilarious, and trusted friend.