Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

Insane asylum

Just a few blocks from my house . . . .

One of the best panoramic views of the city is from the green copper dome of the old state hospital on Arsenal St.  The building, now the St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center, was built in 1869 as the St. Louis County Lunatic Asylum.  The name was changed in 1876 to St. Louis city Insane Asylum, and later to City Sanitarium before being sold to the state for $1 in 1948, when it was renamed St. Louis State Hospital.





Sound files

I was looking for a sound file on my website today so that my colleague Kathy Bowers could listen to it. I didn’t find the file, but I did find several others. As I listen to these files again, I marvel, and I’m happy.

My last year of choral directing at Ball State University found me with the Concert Choir, the number two group. I’m awfully proud of what we did that year.

We opened the October 2004 concert with Purcell’s Soul of the World.

We closed my last concert with Concert Choir eight months later with Mack Wilberg’s arrangement of Come, thou fount of every blessing. If one can listen past the dyspeptic brass playing, this is great stuff. The men’s sound in the second verse is particularly thrilling, I think.

Many more sound files from my Ball State concert groups can be found by hitting my website, www.jeffreycarter.us, and clicking on Choral Archive Files in the links column on the left.