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Recent-er pics

OK, I’ll freely admit I was a much cuter baby than adult.  And my teenage years, for the 1970’s, weren’t too bad.  Age does play tricks on our physical structure, and on our hairline.

My mother

My mother was trained as a Home Economics teacher.  To her dying day, she was always sewing, or quilting, or undertaking some other crafting activity. 

My folks left for Argentina in 1986, to serve as missionaries.  Mom died there in 1998.  Pop retired in 2000, and returned to Missouri.

My parents at Christmas 1992 in Buenos Aires.
My parents at Christmas 1992 in Buenos Aires.

1970’s, part one

The 1960’s

Baby pictures

I’ve scanned a number of photos recently, and will be posting them in batches according to decade.

Here are some from my earliest days.