Daily Archives: June 29, 2008

The enemy

I have met the enemy.  The enemy’s name is Ted Drewes

Ted Drewes sells frozen custard.  Buckets of it. 

I went to the opera tonight, joined by one of the guys from the Gateway Men’s Chorus.  Since I’m headed to Muncie early Monday morning, I didn’t want a drink after the performance.  He suggested Ted Drewes. 

Cousin Brad, who lived in St. Louis for several years, castigated me yesterday for not yet having toasted ravioli, and for not yet going to Ted Drewes.  Now I understand why he was so insistent that I run, not walk, to Ted Drewes.

Ted Drewes may single-handedly cause me to lose my battle with the waistband.  Ted Drewes is just that good.


St. Louis’ annual gay pride event, held the last weekend of June each year, occurs just a few blocks from my house.  In my role as the new Artistic Director of the Gateway Men’s Chorus, I attended much of the celebration today. 

The day started with Mass on the Grass, an ecumenical worship service sponsored by several Episcopal parishes.  The service was pared down to its bare essentials, with music being accompanied by recorder (played quite well!), guitars, and drum.  The music was simple, but effective.  I met a number of people, thanks to my new friend Dick Woodhouse, who chaired the Gateway Men’s Chorus search committee.

I viewed the parade with Vic Barnhart, the chorus’s personnel manager.  Aside from a sudden downpour, the parade was quite fun and lively.  A number of Democratic candidates for various offices were in the parade, but I didn’t see any Republicans.  The Obama marchers drew a big ovation, as did the very strong contingent from the local GLBT youth center. 

Here’s the Obama crowd, and the Gateway Men’s Chorus members who marched in the parade:


After the parade, I spent most of the afternoon at the Gateway Men’s Chorus booth visiting with current members and prospective members.  And enjoying a stunning June day in St. Louis!