Daily Archives: June 26, 2008

The end of STL week.2

Ninety-five degrees today.  In June!

I’ve had a productive day at the office, with a mammoth meeting about the department’s website, and two more sessions with colleagues.  I ate lunch today at my desk for the first time since I arrived.  My salad was Romaine, chicken, candied pecans, and sweet balsamic dressing. 

My reimbursement for moving expenses arrived yesterday, but for some reason it’s not yet showing up in my online banking profile at Regions.com.

Virginia the Landlady is someone I’m going to enjoy.  And her dog, Shorty, too.  Virginia finished the trim on my sun porch today.  Now I have to finish the boxes tomorrow and get the guest room settled.  That will be a day’s task, no doubt.

I’m off in a few minutes to dinner with Kevin Johnson, President of the Gateway Men’s Chorus.  After that I’m headed back out to school for my first film on the Webster Film Series.  The flick is Carny, a documentary study of itinerant carnival workers in the U.S.  The cinematographer is none other than my very own Virginia the Landlady! 

The weekend?  I go to Jefferson City on Saturday for my Uncle Jim and Aunt Margaret’s 50th wedding anniversary.  I’m trying out a different church on Sunday, then catching a recital at the Webster University Community Music School at 3.  That evening, rather than driving to St. Louis as planned, I’m going to take in the finale of Troilus and Cressida from the Opera Theatre of St. Louis.  The four tickets were handed to me yesterday by the President’s office, and I’d wanted to see this show, so I am.  I’ll make a dash to Muncie on Monday, doing the round trip in one day.