Daily Archives: June 24, 2008

Tuesday at home

Petrol = $3.92/gallon today.  I can’t believe I’m happy about that, but I am.

I didn’t go to the office today so that I could make more progress in unpacking the boxes.  I’ve not been successful.

I did get bills paid, though, and set up a number of payees on my new Regions Bank account.  And I read the newspaper.  And talked to Cindy, my cleaning lady in Muncie, who is tidying things up there.

Mexican food was calling my name, so I went to Lafayette Park and Arcelias Mexicana restaurant for lunch.  the chimichanga was good.  I miss Puerto Vallarta in Muncie, though.

My real aim in heading northeast was to go to Levine Hat Company in downtown St. Louis.  Kathy Bowers sent me a link to a newspaper article about this place, and I just had to check it out.  Boy howdy . . . I could go wild in there.  I fondled a $250 stray hat that felt more like silk.  I ended up with a pink linen paper-boy cap.  And I’ll go back again.

Serendipity struck as I left the hat shop.  The old International Shoe Company building is right across the street.  My grandfather, Vincent O. Carter (1910-1985) worked in this building for a number of years, earning his living as a shoe designer until his retirement.  I remember visiting the building once in the 1960’s, and I have a vague recollection of going to the cafeteria in the building for lunch with Pop and my own family.  The shoe company, by the way, was later purchased by a multi-national, and is no longer in existence. 

Here are shots from street level of the building’s south facade:















My intent had been to get to Bed Bath and Beyond for a living room curtain, a kitchen window curtain, and a shower curtain with magnets on the bottom.  Another of those afternoon rainstorms blew in, though, so I came home just as the rain started in earnest.  I’ll go out again later this afternoon.

One more thing – I meet with members of the Gateway Men’s Chorus last evening at their annual meeting, hoping to put a personality with the name that they’ve heard.  I could have answered questions for much longer, but I stopped at about 20 minutes of talking with them.  They were inquisitive!  I understand completely the big question mark that may be in many of their minds right now, since I’m an outsider, and only a few of them were at the search committee interview.  I hope that our visit yesterday assuaged a few worries!