Daily Archives: June 23, 2008

My first week in St. Louis 6

I went to Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday morning for the 11.15 a.m. Holy Eucharist.  I think I’ll keep looking at other parishes for a while. 

Todd and I went to Pho Grand, a Vietnamese restaurant on South Grand, for lunch yesterday.  The food was super!

Todd took the Megabus back to Kansas City at 3.  I took a nap for a while, then went to my neighborhood Schnuck’s for groceries.  Dinner was steak on the grill and a Romaine salad. 

My big task yesterday was finishing up with the wardrobe boxes.  I now have all of my clothes neatly tucked away here.  The last of the kitchen boxes are waiting to be unpacked.  I’m down to less than a dozen boxes total, plus the CDs.  The CDs and the spare bedroom will wait until later this week.  I’m feeling pretty good about settling in now!

Scott Cantrell, an old friend from Kansas City, was in town this weekend for the opera.  He’s now the classical music critic for the Dallas Morning News.  We breakfasted this morning on the patio at MoKaBe.  I’m delighted to see him again, and look forward to future visits. 

Now, on this beautiful Monday, I have Wimbledon on the telly, and I’m finishing Round Two of moving to St. Louis by unpacking the last boxes and hanging things on the walls and putting out pictures.  My front porch continues to beckon me to its shaded coolness.  My sense of wonder and excitement at discovering this city continues unabated. 

I’ll visit the annual meeting of the Gateway Men’s Chorus tonight to do some Q & A.  I’ll settle in with a movie after that, or read a book.  Tomorrow is back to work at Webster.

Here are random photos from the weekend: