Daily Archives: June 22, 2008

My first week in St. Louis, 5

Saturday, near 6 p.m. 

Todd Neff is here from Kansas City.  We’ve spent the day doing urban things.

My washer and dryer arrived around 8.30 a.m. today.  Within less than an hour, both were installed and leveled.  I’ve done one load of wash already, since I needed t-shirts.

My other big task at home this morning was carting out empty boxes and unpacking a few more things.  The kitchen is coming together.  The living room is too, but it needs stuff on the walls.  Now to tackle the guest room and all those boxes!

Todd and I went to MoKaBe for sandwiches at lunch time.  I shot this video afterward, with Todd’s help:

Danger struck when Todd showed me a gelato shop on South Grand.  I’ll have to walk there and back if I’m going to work off the calories, but what glorious work that will be!

We dropped off unneeded junk at the Goodwill store, then went to campus for a quick tour.  The rain hit at 2 p.m., just like it did yesterday.  I didn’t realize St. Louis was in Colorado or New Mexico, where these rain storms pop up every afternoon like clockwork.

After a stop at Schlafly for a quick local brew, we headed back home, then walked to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  I’m a member now, so we spent a wonderful 90 minutes walking in the various gardens.  Here are a few shots from the garden, including some Dale Chihuly glass.

Mind you – the Botanical Garden is a five-minute walk from my front porch.  This place could be addictive! 

Now midnight.  We ate at the nearby Ethiopian restaurant for dinner, which was quite fine. 

The Gateway Men’s Chorus tonight was a repeat of last night’s.  I enjoyed both performances very much.  The guys have been very, very welcoming.  I think we’re poised for great things.  The structure and desire is in place to move this group into the top ranks of gay male choruses in the USA.  We have work to do in audience building and in outreach and presence in the community, but I think that the aspiration is there.  The talent certainly is! 

I’m LOVING this city, and the possibilities therein.