Daily Archives: June 19, 2008

My first week in St. Louis, 3

8.20 a.m.  – My newspaper wasn’t on the front steps when I awoke this morning, but the Post-Dispatch had a replacement copy for me within 20 minutes.  I have a feeling this will be a regular occurence, whether because of the paper disappearing to a passing walker, or because of shoddy delivery. 

The entertainment section today listed a huge number of possibilities for the next few days, from festivals to theatre to art openings to ongoing activities.  I could find something to do here every night if I wished.

I’m LOVING discovering a city.

Off to the office this morning for more meetings and get-to-know sessions.  I think I’ve decided to postpone my quick trip back to Muncie for another week, so that I can spend Sunday and Monday doing boxes here at home.

2.45 p.m. – Home from the office.  Today’s meetings: Marketing, and Admissions.  And a wonderful Caesar salad with chicken at lunch.  I stopped on the way home for a pot of vincas and a pot of petunias for the porch. 

My right arm and shoulder are hurting.  A couple of days’ hiatus from unpacking would be helpful to the arm, but not to the psyche.

Here’s more info on my neighborhood.

Off to work on the kitchen!

10 p.m. – The kitchen is nearing completion, although I keep finding boxes of kitchen things.  At some point I’m going to have to say ‘this is what I need’ and pack the rest off to storage, or to Goodwill.

I found a fourth bathroom box today, so I now have my lotions and potions and such, as well as my electric edger so I can cut my hair.

At about 7.30 tonight I quit work and headed out to dinner and a bit of social time with a guy who is originally from India.  The strawberry poppyseed salad at St. Louis Bread Co. is especially good.

My shoulder and arm still hurt.

Nothing new or exciting today, except that I’m getting around town with surprising ease.