Daily Archives: June 17, 2008

My first week in St. Louis, 1

I knocked out nine more boxes tonight.  And I bought a proper shower curtain, rather than one that sinuously wraps itself around your legs as you shower.  I can see the floor on the back porch now.  The media system is working properly.  I now have NPR at home.  I’ve decided on a bank.  I bought porch chairs today and enjoyed them tonight for a while.  My stomach craved another burger, so I barbecued again tonight after not doing so at all last summer.  I found the living room lamp, and write by its light.  The air conditioning is off, and the windows open on this glorious late spring evening.  I had Thai food for lunch at a new Thai place within walking distance of my office.  And my office is now functional.  I even had two meetings there today.

Thus, my second full day in St. Louis, my new home.

This neighborhood, the South Grand area, is reported to be the most ethnically diverse in the city.  If the nearby restaurants are an accurate indication, I agree so far.  And of course this makes me happy.

At Big Lots on south Kingshighway today, I saw the most curious, eccentric character I’ve seen in years.  The attire was a late-70’s style black culotte with orange and red geometric shapes. And a matching blouse.  Mrs. Brady gave this outfit to Goodwill when the show folded after six years.

On the head, a black floppy hat, like a gardening hat, except who wears a black hat when gardening?.  On the feet, black socks and white Birkenstock sandals.  The legs were unshaven, but I still couldn’t tell from behind if it was man or woman.  Then it sat down, and I saw a huge bushy black beard.  A street person?  Not likely.  An eccentric with highly individual fashion sense?  Indeed.

And I’ve decided I’m going to start taking my camera with me everyplace I go for a while.

On the piano tonight, before I prepared dinner, Elgar’s Nimrod from the Enigma Variations.  The piano survived the transport in remarkable tune.  And Elgar graced my new home.