Daily Archives: June 16, 2008

First STL pics

I’m waiting on YouTube to be able to upload a couple of videos, but here are the two pics I have from Sunday.  (As always, click on the thumbnails for larger shots.)

Yes, I drove this 26-foot Penske truck from Muncie to Saint Louis, and I did so quite well, thank you very much.

James Atkins, me, and Jim Helton at dinner on Sunday evening.



Round one completed

If moving into a new home means several rounds, then Round One is complete.

The local moving crew ($550 and worth every penny) started at 7.30 a.m. and left at 10.45 a.m.  Round One was finished.

The cable guy came today, so I have cable and wi-fi here at home.

Now starts Round Two, the unpacking and settling.  Except for the guest room, I have furniture placed appropriately in all the other rooms.  The guest room is my staging area right now.  My bed is made, and clothes are in drawers in the dresser. 

Other than that, though, my new home is a mass of boxes and mess.  I don’t live well in these conditions!

I drove the truck to school at 4 today, and by 6 p.m. had loaded about half of my books in the shelves, taken the truck to the Penske dealer, and caught a ride with a colleague back to the house. 

My supper?  Hamburgers on the grill, with some guarana too.  I think that now I’m going to deal with boxes, figure out what is where, and formulate my plan of attack.  I have to find clothes to wear for the office tomorrow and two more days this week.  And I need to upload some video and pictures here too!

Oh yes, one other thing: Jim and James and I drove a few blocks to South Grand for lunch, where we had Afghan food.  I’m LOVING being in a city again…..

Safely in Saint Louis

Early Monday morning here.  I’ve had a restless night on a feather mattress on the floor in my new bedroom, so I look forward to having my own bed in here tonight!

The move yesterday was just like so much of the rest of this adventure – without problems and seemingly as if the stars are aligned and God is blessing.  James Atkins, my former student office manager, drove my car; I drove the truck.  We departed Muncie at 9.30 a.m. and arrived in Missouri at 3.05 p.m.  I filled up the diesel tank just before hitting Missouri, spending $134 on fuel for the truck.

We unloaded the car and the cab of the truck, then took the bike, the dining room and kitchen tables, the cleaning supplies, and the cold food off the back of the truck. 

Jim Helton arrived at about 5.30 p.m.  I showed him around, and then we all took off on a neighborhood driving tour, then a quick trip out to Webster, and then dinner at Schlafly Bottleworks.  One of the things I thought I’d miss about Muncie is the ability to walk into just about anyplace in town and find someone that I know.   (That happened at MT cup yesterday morning, as I ran into the former mayor of Muncie who wondered about my move.)  Well, I walked into Schlafly last night and heard my name being called out by Kathy Bowers, one of my colleagues here who chaired the search that brought me to Webster.  I have a feeling that given my Webster position and the GMC position, I’ll be public enough that I’ll still know people at various places!

We found a Target close by, and a Schnucks grocery store just a few blocks away.  I’m set.

Eighty-two degrees here today, not nearly as hot as it could be.  The Mississippi River was way up yesterday, flooding the street at the base of the Gateway Arch. 

I need to stop poaching my neighbor’s wi-fi now, get a shower, find coffee somewhere nearby, and prep for the movers who arrive at 8 today to unload the truck.

More later!