Daily Archives: June 11, 2008

Final farewell party

Eleanor Trawick, Markie Oliver, and Jim Helton hosted a final farewell party tonight.  The invitation list included friends from school and church and my life in Muncie.  I’ve been saying “It’s the people I’ll miss.”  Eleanor noted tonight that moving away from people is harder as one grows older.  I was more aware of that truth than ever tonight.  These three in particular have been my stalwarts for most of the last eight years. 

The gathering featured good food of the pitch-in variety, a bit of home brew, much wine, a great bottle of Scotch whisky thanks to John Scheib, lots of hugs, and low-key so-longs and until-we-meet-agains.

I post random pictures, with apologies to the many who attended but who didn’t find their way past my lens.