Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

Fourteen days to go

Two weeks from this morning I’ll drive to St. Louis and my new home.  As I enter this final fortnight, I’m truly realizing that what’s most daunting about this move is people-centered. One doesn’t live eight years or longer in one place without becoming fond of individuals, and without putting down roots that underpin relationships.  As I hit 47 this summer, I’m keenly aware that I’ll miss many, many people.

I’m thinking about the music of the last few weeks.  Post-University Singers Spectacular in April, this is the roster:

Rossini’s Largo al factotum with Adam Hendrickson and the BSSO
Howells, Vaughan Williams, and Carter with Chamber Choir
Elgar today with Mary Kothman on the Chamber Festival concert
Grainger with summer band
It’s like a round of visiting with old friends before leaving town.