Branson revisited

The last time I visited Branson was with the Admissions staff from Southwest Baptist University.  That would have been 1985 or so.

Branson has changed indeed!

Ball State University Singers performed Thursday night as the headliner entertainment at the national FAME Show Choir Cup.  See for full details on that experience, and many more shots from the last few days.

We stayed at a low-budget hotel, the Settle Inn.  The whole place has this King Arthur/Round Table theme.  Here are several of my adult students and I at the Lancelot building:

Jan Richard and I posed for a photo on board the Branson Belle showboat:

Friday afternoon was down time for several of us.  The adult students, Jan, and I walked up the hill to the Stone Hill Winery outlet.  After seeing how cream sherry is made, and how spumante is bottled, we enjoyed a tasting of about 15 wines.  Here I am with Jan and Josh Corah:

And with the group at the tasting room:

The hotel’s lobby featured an Excalibur sword.  I’m trying to pull it from the (wooden) stone:

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