Snow . . . and an election

Sunday afternoon.  Just in from the 125th annual meeting of Grace Episcopal Church here in Muncie.  I’m now a vestry member. 

According to canon law, the vestry is charged with the temporal affairs of the parish, including budget, personnel, building and grounds, and so on.  The vestry is, in effect, the church’s governing body.  Three of us are elected each year to three-year terms.  I’m humbled and honored to have been asked by Fr. Tom to share whatever gifts I may bring, and I’m looking forward to whatever time I may have to spend in this capacity at Grace Church.

I rose before dawn this morning to find snow on the ground.  When I rose for real a couple of hours later, snow was falling again.  We’ve had three inches or so.  The snow removal guy just drove down the street outside my window here at home.  Roads are all right, but side streets aren’t.  I LOVE snow, and am awfully happy to have some . . . finally!

The next two weeks find me in Muncie, and then travel starts in earnest.  Before the March 10, I’ll have adjudicated at Pekin (IL), Kettering (OH), Columbia (MO), Louisville (KY) and Zionsville (IN).  I have an ACDA 2008 convention planning meeting in Toledo, Ohio in a couple of weekends.  The biggest trip is to Miami, Florida for the national convention of the American Choral Directors Association, where I’ll spend six full days in early March.  Sadly, that trip is ALL work (with maybe a smidge of sunshine and a night out).  We have two concerto competition semi-finals at school the next two weekends, which means most of Sunday spent on campus.  I also have plans in there to catch several symphony concerts, including Dayton for Sibelius Five in late February–this will be my first live performance of this STUPENDOUS work.

My Jayhawks lost yesterday to Texax Tech.  Dern that Bobby Knight.

Students for dinner tonight.  On the menu: Tex-Mex casserole, Key Lime pie, and other stuff I’ve not decided yet.  Off to the store!


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