The year begins

41-DSC_3969jeffrey_carter-crToday . . . Monday, August 25, 2014 . . . I start my 26th year of teaching at the collegiate level.

Little did I know back in 1989 that I was going to spend the rest of my career teaching about music.

And little did I know how happy and fulfilled this teaching career would make me.

And little did I know that teaching about music also included teaching about life and love and loss and a thousand other things as we help students become artists and adults.

My schedule this semester includes ten weekly voice lessons and a section of music theory for music theatre students.

Before the year is out, I hope to have gained promotion to Professor from my current rank as Associate Professor.  I hope too to have completed several new musical compositions, to have five dozen entries on my voice-teaching blog, and to have completed a number of other tasks.

But this journey starts today, with new students and renewed energy and robust enthusiasm.

This weekend, in prep for the re-emergence of daily scholastic life, I finished the deep-cleaning laundry, made food for the week using the slow cooker, had the house deep-cleaned, washed the car, and went to bed early two nights in a row.  And I finished my syllabi.  And coached my MT students for their auditions today.  And attended the new-student placement singing session.  Whew.

All is ready.  Let the year commence.

Tower Grove Farmer’s Market

I ran into my friend and colleague Edward Coffield at Tower Grove Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.

And $50+ dollars later, I returned home with Jonathan apples, freestone peaches from Calhoun County, a large and lovely bouquet of fresh flowers, a pound of organic grass-fed beef, six ears of corn, and some butter lettuce from the lovely Amish girl.

And a peach scone that I promptly ate for my second breakfast.

image image

Table read

Our final New Line Theatre rehearsal this week was a table read, with full music score, by the entire company of Bonnie & Clyde.

Folks, we have a show.  This cast delivered a humorous, touching, sonic-astound, nuanced first reading.  They sang well.  They got it…..

Here’s a shot from the rehearsal of four principals:


I was stuck at the piano most of rehearsal, but that was a happy place to be!


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