Nature’s bounty


Saturday. Soulard Market.

Fresh eucalyptus (now on the dining room table). Raspberries. A dozen eggs from the Amish guy. Limes and lemons.  Small fresh yellow onions. Farm-made breakfast sausage, and cherry hickory smoked bacon.  Red peppers.  Hummus.  Italian bread, bought from the woman who baked it.  A sack of potatoes for $1.

And a bushel of Jonathan apples.  Stewed apples and apple butter are in order.  Suddenly the weekend is full and rich.

Not to mention the brisket that is resting in the fridge.  Sunday dinner is gonna be mighty good!


Pass It On

Random earworm of the day = “Pass It On,” a song from my childhood that sticks with me.

I can’t get it out of my head today.

That’s how it is with God’s love, once you experience it.
It’s fresh like spring.  You want to sing.
You want to pass it on.

Strange what comes bubbling back out of the unconscious memories at times . . . .

Saturday again


Oh.  Today is another Saturday.

So let’s see . . . .

Target.  Soulard Market. Manicure.  Four hours of voice lessons.  Laundry.  Wash the car. Ironing.  Dinner with friends.

Saturday?  Shatter-my-schedule-day is more like it!

Sunday?  Not much better, but I’ll see K for dinner on Sunday, and attend a recital at Webster University too.

At least Friday evening was at home with Samson, and a filet Mignon, and a freshly mowed lawn, and quiet and solitude.  YUM.


Who thinks theatre is glamorous?

We are getting close, though, and in another ten days the glamour will be real with costumes and props and lights and stuff.  And the band.  Definitely the band.

Bonnie & Clyde at New Line Theatre is in great shape right now!

Here are two impromptu shots from before rehearsal Thursday evening:

And without giving away the set, here’s a teaser:



A quick update this mid-week –

Tuesday and Wednesday are my toughest days of the week. With maybe Thursday thrown in.  Teaching and administering take plenty of time on these days.

New Line’s Bonnie & Clyde is nearly on the boards.  We ran the entire show on Tuesday evening, with seven more runs to go, plus a sitz and a tech.  We are in good shape, and the actors are impressing with their constant bring-it of little touches that enliven and amplify the characters.

But I must say how delighted I was on Tuesday when I was able to arrive an hour later than the others, thanks to a photo shoot.  I took that time to do laundry, which sorely needed doing!

Samson has decided that the weather is cold.  He is cuddling under the blankets on the bed after I leave.

I’ve started the earnest planning and preparing for the summer vacation 2015, with K as last year, but this time to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague, along with points along the way.  The current plan is to rent a houseboat in Amsterdam, then an apartment in Berlin, and then make Prague the hotel stop.

This week marks the departure of a dear friend with whom I’ve spent much time the last year.  He leaves on Thursday for China.  I shall miss Jason tremendously.

A perfect weekend

Well then.

I enjoyed a most perfect weekend.  Or nearly-perfect — a driver across the state and back would have allowed me to rest and nap, and that would not have been a bad thing.

As expected, barely 36 hours after departing, I have returned to Saint Louis and Samson and J who is departing much too soon and Webster University whose fun and challenges are still there and to New Line and our first week of runs of the show.

But this blog entry is about the weekend.

When one puts perfect weather, a decent hotel, a dear friend, the entire immediate family, Grace & Holy Trinity, and a concert into a 36-hour period, one is certainly blessed.

I enjoyed very much the visit with Pop and Jo yesterday, and serendipitous finding of Rich Hill Black Diamond watermelons at Hy-Vee.  And of course I enjoyed an evening out with Tom Flint (a friend of 42 years now) and the Kansas City Symphony.

Sometimes one also needs a bit of pampering.  I didn’t do a spa or any such indulgence, but I did enjoy a 19th-floor room at the Sheraton at Crown Center, and valet parking, and room service this morning.  Little things like this make for happy weekends.

And then Sunday.  I paid my first visit in nearly nine months to Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral.  I hope the members of the choir were as delighted to see me as I was to see them.

Family time on Sunday included a buffet of yumminess from Jack Stack Barbecue.  And laughter.  And story-telling.  And the happy/bittersweet task of going through the last two boxes of Aunt Esther’s belongings.

I listened this weekend to Dorothy Coleman, Ahrens & Flaherty, Jean Sibelius, and two soundtracks whose authors and composers escape me: Love’s Labours Lost and The Minister’s Wife.


Opening night

I attended on Saturday evening the opening night of the Kansas City Symphony’s new season.

This was my first visit to Kauffman Center on the hill just south of Downtown Kansas City.  I’d heard such good things about the concert hall, and the room lived up to the hype. (Oh, that we had a hall like this on the other side of the state….0

Hometown girl Joyce DiDonato was the featured soloist this evening in some glorious music by Ravel.  I wept, though, at the simple things: ‘Morgen,’ by Strauss, as her last announced piece.

And Michael Stern had the band in good shape for the rousing war-horse, Tchaikowsky’s Fifth Symphony.

My friend Tom Flint joined me for dinner at a new German place and for the concert.  Tom is just about my oldest friend in the world with whom I still have any substantial contact.  We go back 42 years!image image


A Pizza Story

After a long a tiring week at the office, I just didn’t want to force myself to enjoy a symphony concert Friday night, so I went out for dinner instead.

D and I tried a new place in Maplewood — A PIZZA STORY.


And we were delighted with our margharita pizza and salads.  And Manhattans.

I will definitely be back for more.

And then, as we did two weeks ago, we spent an hour at the Saint Louis Art Museum, this time focusing on the King Louis special exhibition.

By 9 p.m. I was home, dealing with an earache and sniffly nose (thank you, ragweed season), packing for the quick 36 hours home in Kansas City, and doing laundry.  And snuggling with Samson the Feist on this chilly pre-autumn evening. (The little ding-dong knows what the suitcase means, and so he’s being needy and clingy right now.)

And, glory be, I am on a 48-hour hiatus from Webster University email or thoughts.



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