A day off

Saturday sort of felt like a day off. Sort of.

I took Samson to the groomer at 8 a.m.  He’s all prettied up now.

On the way home I took Birgit through the car wash, then started laundry after arriving home.

And at 9.30 a.m. I joined a prospective student and his parents for breakfast at Stratton’s in Webster Groves, then met with them and an admission officer, and then accompanied the student as he played for our horn teacher.

By 12.30 I was home.  Next on the agenda: filtering and bottling the cranberry vodka that had been steeping since Thanksgiving.


And then a blessed two-hour nap.

I continued with a trip to the grocer’s, and a mani & pedi (long overdue).  While dinner was cooking, I spent some time at the piano working on this year’s Christmas carol (to be unveiled soon).

Dinner of meat loaf, a baked potato, and organic greens with homemade creamy Parmesan dressing — this was taken in happy peace and quiet, although Samson was begging.

And now, on this Saturday evening, I am in flannels and perched on the sofa and taking a quiet night at home.  Hallelu.


And then, just before 9 p.m., as I was just putting two loaves of sweetbread in the oven, the doorbell rings.  Gabe Miller, a Saint Louis University High alum who just completed his first semester at Temple in Philadelphia, is standing there.  With 30 friends including SLUH boys and their girlfriends and assorted hangers-on.  And I’m caroled.  Sleighride gave way to Silent Night on this very chilly Solstice Eve.  Sweet singing in the choir has rarely sounded as sweet, and happy, and welcome.


25 years


As I left the office around 5 p.m. on Friday, I realized that I have now completed my 25th year of teaching in higher education.

My first semester of a Music Appreciation class was Spring 1990.  Finishing Fall 2014 makes 25 years.

And as usual, I made myself the traditional, customary semester-closing dinner: a Totino’s frozen pizza, some Cheetos, and a Diet Pepsi.

The smile above means the pizza is in the oven.



A night at home.  One of three in a row this week.

I arrived home before 6 p.m., with pajama-time following in quick order.  Samson enjoyed his dinner, and I started on mine.

I took some cooked pasta and combined it with ricotta mixed with an egg.  That was the base of the casserole, topped with fresh Parmesan.  And I topped that with Bolognese, then baked the whole thing, with more Parmesan on the top.

Meanwhile I made a wonderful and yummy creamy Parmesan dressing to serve on Romaine lettuce.  With more fresh Parmesan pieces mixed in. And homemade sourdough croutons.

I love cooking for myself!  And I have food now for four more meals.

Christmas party

The children were here for a holiday party on Sunday evening.  A good time was had by all.

This is the first time this semester that my freshman music theory class has been at my home.  I fed them of course, making Jan’s Polish mistakes, a hearty artichoke dip, homemade banana bread and some almond sugar cookies, crack pecans, and cranberry cinnamon punch, and then adding a plate of cheese and salami and a fruit tray.

They demolished the food.

We sang, as would expected.

And Samson survived.

Here’s the table after they departed:



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