Pavarotti & those other two

NPR ran a story this month on the big Three Tenors concert at Dodgers Stadium twenty years ago.

Twenty years ago?  My lord . . . .

Even after all these years, hearing Pavarotti sing the end of “Nessun Dorma” sends a thrill and zing through my auditory nerve!

For granted


Take nothing for granted. It all washes away, and we are all washed away with it. So when the ground is steady and the sky is clear, we should breathe deep until our lungs inflate against our ribs and hold in that one breath until we are light-headed with the privilege of being alive. The absolute privilege of being human.

~ Jacob Tomsky

Lazy day indeed


I’ve had a lazy day.

Oh yes, I made pickles.  And I taught two voice lessons.

But otherwise, I’ve been lazy.

I even took a nap while curled up on the porch swing.

Lunch was a leftover hamburger, and the last of the deviled eggs from Saturday evening.  Dinner?  A fresh garden salad with homemade creamy Parmesan dressing (SO GOOD!).

This is my last week of vacation, so I’m lazing as much as I want.

Here are some shots of Samson today:



The annual tradition continues.  Ten pounds of cucumbers have transformed into 4.5 quarts of lime pickles.

But I am having trouble finding pickling lime here in town, so the pickles are just sweet and spicy pickles.  They’ll not be as crisp, but they’ll still be good!

Another batch awaits tomorrow.



Soulard Market.  Saturday.  Beautiful. I returned home today with fresh zinnias and sunflowers.  Twenty pounds of cucumbers for pickling.  Sweet corn.  Blackberries.  A red pepper.  Fingerling potatoes. Green onion.  Beef and pork and sausage.  Rainer cherries. And some green beans.

The photo is blurry, but one gets the idea. image

Last Portland pics

From a high point in the Portland hills on Thursday morning (where the girls, who had not listened when Michael told them to wear a jacket and were then chilly and subsequently tried to warm themselves by putting their cold hands inside MJ’s shirt, to hilarious effect), and from quite a few feet up in an American Airlines jet, looking at Mt. Hood above the clouds. . . .


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